Friday, August 16, 2013

Gel Nail's Review

So I am one of those people who bite my nails. Constantly. I will grow them out and then bite them all off the minute I get nervous or stressed. Bad habit. However I am also one of those people who hate fake nails. The glue on kind you buy at Walgreen's never last for me and the acrylic ones at the salon that they grind half your nail done and super psycho glue on scare me and I hate how they make my nails look.

So I have always loved nail polish. However I never wear it. Why? My short nails and constant busy schedule guarantees that after two hours my nail polish is chipped. No thank you.

Recently I learned about gel nail polish. At first I was sketchy. The idea that it was using an led light and being stuck to my nail scared me. The idea that getting it off was inhumanly possible bugged me.

I decided to try it anyways. A friend took me to the salon as a treat and dropped $30.00 on my super short nails. I chose dark and glittery grey. It took thirty minutes for the process. I walked out happier then ever. My nails looked amazing. Plus they felt stronger.

The next two weeks I didn't get one single chip. I did everything grimy you can think of. I even chomped down on my nails a few times. Still no chips. What could be better?

Then the regrowth happened. 2 1/2 weeks in and my nails were starting to grow. The edges of the gel started to peel upward. I was told do not peel them. Why? Because it will take off a layer of your nail too. This can't be good. I did it anyways. You can not put something in front of me and not expect me to peel or pick.

I was shocked. My nail wasn't damaged at all. I didn't force the gel off. It just peeled off. Now I know that is probably not the smartest thing, but eh. I'm ok. My nails are ok.

So here is where I decided $30.00 every two weeks is too much for me. I'm not the type of person to drop that much money on top of the extra removal cost to change colors.

So I researched and calculated how to do them at home.

I was able to find salon professional equipment and the polish and everything I needed for $50.00. I didn't like that every starter kit only included one color of red. I hate red. So I found a good kit with a strong led light for $30.00. Then I found a ton of other gel polishes in the colors I liked for cheap.

I'm waiting impatiently each day for the mail to come.

I will let you know what happens once I get it. But if all works out. My friends are going to love me. :) LOL

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