Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jodi Arias: Life or Death?

Jodi Arias and The Murder of Travis Alexander.

I wasn’t going to write this blog, simply because I have noticed something about this trial that is a little insane. People have literally let it consume them and their reactions are insane. Most of the crime junkies following this case and commenting on message boards and Face Book are one sided and ignorant. They literally fill the pages with threats, harassment and hatred. I literally had to delete the pages from my news feed because it was making me sick to my stomach.

My view on this trial is simple. Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander. The crime was horrible and terrifying and uncalled for. However, I did not know Jodi or Travis. I did not see their relationship. The only information I have on their relationship is what was shown in the trial and hearsay. Did Travis emotionally and mentally abuse Jodi? I can’t say for sure if he did or if he didn’t. I wasn’t there. BUT I can say that for the way she killed him and the fact she did, she had to have a damn good reason for doing it.

I have read her blog and watched her interviews. Yes, this girl isn’t exactly sane. But most of what makes her look loony is after the murder! I’m pretty sure murdering someone the way she did can make someone lose his or her marbles. Before the murder her writings are that of a normal girl.

Sure people reported she had strange behavior and ‘stalked’ Travis. To me this doesn’t make someone an insane murderer. This is more common then most people think. It happens in a ton of relationships. Sure it doesn’t make the person stable but a shitty relationship can cause fucked up emotions.

It is very easy for someone to become obsessed or obsessive in a relationship. The feeling of needing love and to be wanted by a person is a strong emotion. If someone was to play with a person and those emotions, they can surely expect an intense response. Murder, no, but an overly obsessed ex-girlfriend who refuses to accept the fact that is over, yes.

I can 100% say that I wouldn’t have wanted to be a juror on that trial! Convicting her of first-degree murder would have been easy for me. She did it and admitted it. However, sentencing her to death would have been a moral dilemma for me. How can we say that she deserves the death penalty? Yes, what she did was definitely wrong and inexcusable. There is no excuse for killing someone, but how can we know what was the reason behind it. What set her off?

She is a pathological liar. We have seen this from day 1. I would have loved for her to just come clean. To tell the truth. Why she did it. To get some real emotion out of her. I bet the family would have actually been given some sort of closure if she had done that. Yet she continued to lie and continued to just fess up to what she has done.

Travis’s family wants her to die. I agree if I were his family, I would want the same. They are hurting more then most people understand. They can never see their brother again. However if she had been honest from day one and spoke up to what caused her to do this, or hell even became honest after the fact and explained it truthfully, maybe their opinions would have been different. Sure they still wouldn’t be able to forgive her for her actions, but they may have been able to understand.

This is Jodi Arias’ biggest problem. She refuses to speak from the heart. Instead she is on the defense. She can’t stop defending herself. She should be explaining herself not defending.

Her final statement to the family was disgusting. She talked about recycling and t-shirts? At this point I did start to question her sanity. I didn’t hear an actual apology to his family. I keep thinking to myself, why? Why can she not apologize? What did he do to her that was so horrible she still can’t apologize for the brutal murder?

So yes – I think Jodi Arias is guilty. Yes I think what she did was beyond wrong. I think she totally has lost her mind. But I honestly think Travis had to have done something to her to make her this way. No excuse for what she did, but definitely a reason to not be able to decide life or death.

The online freaks following this case have made it persona. A page meant to support the Alexander family has become a page to harass people. The juror that decided to talk instead of being quiet, which you know all those crazy fans (yes they are fans, sick right) truly wanted to hear more, even if it isn’t what they wanted to hear. They have belittled themselves to the point of harassing jurors.

I don’t know about you, but I hope to God I never ever find myself on trial with them as a jury of my peers. They want one thing and one thing only. They have no sense of fairness. It is their way or the highway. They are scary. They make me fear what our country has become.

So now I sit and get my news from the media and The Alexander Family’s memorial page. I no longer will participate in a group of lunatics. I can’t say what I would have chosen for her sentence. Death or life, both are huge decisions that I would have to live with my entire life. I’m seriously glad I’m not involved in making those decisions.

I deeply feel for The Alexander Family. My thoughts are with them. I support them. I wish they could get the closure they truly deserve. I wish they could get the truth. I know they probably won’t. This will haunt them till they are old and gone. My heart goes out to them.

Would you have sentenced Jodi to life or death? Why?

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I followed a lot of the trial, not all of it, there was just too much and I don't want something like that to consume my life. I do believe that something set her off and like you said, it's still inexcusable. I have been a "psych ex-girlfriend" before. I did some pretty crazy things, but never did I once think I would kill him or kill for him or anything even remotely close. People do some pretty crazy things in this world (especially when your emotions are so involved with someone), and you never know what it is that will make a person snap and do the unthinkable. Something made her snap.
    As far as the penalty? Even though I am not against the death penalty, I think in her case, it's not an appropriate sentance. She stated at one point that she wanted the death sentance, so why give her what she wants? It's the easy way out. I think she needs to sit in jail and rot and think about her actions for the rest of her life. That's more torture than death, and that's what I believe her punishment should be, torture.