Thursday, May 1, 2014

Please don't feel sorry for my deaf dog.

Please don’t feel sorry for my deaf dog!

Ok. So I know that sounds rude and maybe even a little ignorant, but I promise you it is not. I had a talk with the hubby last night and after I said to him “I’m sick of always hearing people say they feel so sorry for Chance.” Chance is our all white-rescued American Bull Dog that is anywhere between 1-2 ½ years old and he happens to be deaf. After I explained to him what I meant, he suddenly agreed with me.

Often the minute I tell people he is deaf. The first thing they say to me is “I feel so sorry for him.” I often reply with funny remarks back as “don’t, he has super powers.” But in all honesty, the truth is to please stop feeling sorry for him.

From what we can tell and know about Chance, he was most likely born deaf. Meaning he never knew what it was like to hear. Unlike humans, he does not know he has a disability. He has no clue in this world that not being able to hear isn’t normal. It doesn’t make him any different then any of other pets.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Training is definitely a little bit different then with my other two ‘hearing’ dogs. However, it’s kind of common sense. With them you can raise your voice. They can tell by the tone if you are mad or happy or sad. With Chance he can’t. But does that doesn’t make him any less equipped to learn. His other senses are actually heightened. This is where I joke that he has super powers. His eyesight is amazing. I’m telling you he can see an ant a mile a way! His sense of smell is also quite crazy amazing. He can be in our backyard that is fenced in with a six foot privacy fence that he can not see through and he knows when Jeremy or I. are home. He can smell. He also knows when it is dinnertime with out me calling him. The minute I open the food bin, it doesn’t matter how passed out he is and comfy in bed, he comes running.

Teaching him when he is wrong is a little bit different then teaching the others. When I am mad I wave my arms like a crazy person and make crazy facial expressions. Yes I’m still yelling. Yes he can’t hear me. But he knows I am yelling. Smacking him on the nose lightly or the butt is also another way he knows he in big trouble.

When we got Chance he had a few training issues. My guess wasn’t because he was deaf. It was because he hadn’t found his forever home and was bounced around quite a bit.

With in two weeks we had him potty trained. He even barks now when he has to go and when he wants in. Sure his bark is a little funny since he can’t hear himself. But nonetheless it’s a bark just like any other dog.

He had a habit of chewing things he shouldn’t chew. Several remote controls, some DVD’s, a k-cup (yes that was frightening), and countless other things. He learned real quick that toys were meant for chewing and other stuff was a big no no! Does he still have little mistakes? Yes, but just like my other dogs the minute I walk up to him what ever he has decided to chew on, he tilts his head sideways and gives me that “I didn’t mean to, I won’t do it again” look.

Chance has benefits that even I don’t have! He gets to sleep so peacefully without being disturbed by all the neighborhood noises and our two cats running around acting like idiots. Trust me, when he’s sleeping, as long as there isn’t food with in a 1 mile radius, he’s zonked out! He is smart enough to sleep on the other dogs. This way if something happens he is alerted by them moving. Then he can wake up too.

When I walk out of a room, I pat his head and let him know I’m leaving the room. When I leave the house I do the same and wave goodbye. There has been a few times I’ve gotten up to shower and next thing you know he wakes up a few minutes later and is running through the house searching for me, only to end up with his head in the curtain staring at me all wide eyed.

Basically Chance is a normal dog. He just can’t hear. Sure had he lost his hearing after living several years with it, then you might be able to feel sorry for him. But we are pretty sure he has never had the ability. He is a regular happy puppy. The effort in training him really isn’t any more then any other puppy.

I don’t let my hearing dogs off their leashes when out in public. Matter of personal opinion and I’m an over protective furr Mom who would prefer my furr children not accidently slip away or chase a rabbit. Same goes with him. He couldn’t hear me call him back if I did and that could be tragic. Yet outside in the yard he knows to look up every few minutes to make sure I am not trying to get his attention.

When he wants to ignore me just like any other dog he can be a brat. He will look down and not look up. I see him peak at me still, but he continues on what he is doing. Until I am hand signaling him an inch from his face and he realizes uh oh Mom’s mad.

At nighttime I simply flash my porch light a few times and he comes running up the porch stairs to come in.

So basically what I am saying here is don’t feel sorry for him. He doesn’t feel sorry for him and I sure don’t. He is healthy, spoiled rotten, loved, and smart! He is no different then any other dog.

For people who are adopting a new dog. Don’t turn a deaf dog away. Don’t think it’s going to be more work. It’s just as much work as any other dog. No different.

If anything adopting a deaf dog is cooler then a hearing because seriously the super powers. Plus not going to lie, he is super obsessed with always being by my side. But hey that might just be his personality. I’m bias. LOL. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


Have not written on here in forever. I guess that is what happens when you start working and living instead of staying home all the time.

A lot has happened in a few months.

First off, I love my new job. My boss is pretty awesome and the environment is exactly what I needed. Positive energy flows from the office and I LOVE IT!

The lawsuit is over. We lost the case against the homeowners. The judge dismissed it. Quite ridiculous if you ask me. However we won against the dog owner. As if that means a thing. I won't ever see a penny, guaranteed. I mine as well cut my losses and accept the fact the whole incident put a huge dent in my life physically, mentally, and financially.

My arm is not better. I have been getting chiropractic care and that helps a ton! But I still end up in pain and can't use it. I refuse to take pain pills so this looks like it is going to be something I live with.

The army plans have officially been shut down. No good arm equals not possible.

I was working on getting back into school. Apparently since I'm white, I don't make minimum wage, and don't have kids or a disability, college is not really feasible. The cost out of pocket with very little in allowed amount of loan and no grants or any other help makes it impossible.

My endometriosis is back and in full force. I'm ready to get a hysterectomy. It needs to be over with. Thinking next year is the time to do it! Going to start planning it now. As far as having kids go, at this point it's not worth it.

My car.... I traded my gts in for a 2014 ralliart... Right after the hubby traded his in for a 14 evo x gsr... yup... I now want the evo... So in March - I don't care what I have to do - I'm getting the GSR... The last evo is 2015, I will own it! Regardless.

I guess I'm not in the mood to type, so I will update more later.. Apple cider time. <3

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why harassing & trashing police won't accomplish anything!!!!

Why harassing and trashing the police won’t help accomplish anything!

So in light of recent events I’d like to update you with as much as I know regarding Sadie. What I have heard and how people have reacted.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I received a message at work from Sadie’s family stating that she had been shot in the face by a police officer. I then saw the photos. The full story was not released yet and I did not have it all. However my concern wasn’t the story. My concern was that Sadie was ok!

The same friend who messaged me contacted Stana from Recycled.Pits. Some of us are very fortunate to know Stana. She is the founder of Recycled.Pits and an angel for the rescue community. Stana didn’t wait to get answers to questions, she did was she always does. ACTED!

Sadie the shot pit-bull was immediately posted on Recycled.Pits page for donations. The officer that shot her had taken her to a local veterinarian office. We had an estimate amount for surgery and that was the first and only goal! No questions asked.

We did not expect to receive the amount we did as fast as we did. Stana immediately had placed Sadie under an account in her name. Taking all responsibility for the bills. Regardless if we received the donations or not, she took on the weight of that bill! You see why I call her an angel.

So a ton of people from out of state and a few local stepped up and got Sadie’s bill covered. I’m blown away by the generosity of strangers. It shows that the dog community is a lot larger then most people think or realize. I can’t think each and everyone of you enough. A woman I know personally who has a husband deployed in Afghanistan and three children at home and works as a dental assistant even donated $400.00 to complete Sadie’s bill. THAT IS COMPASSION!

We received a ton of comments regarding what the story was. As I understand everyone wants to know. I would want to know. However at the time the story wasn’t important. Not having it didn’t stop us from raising the money! So now I will explain to you what I know.

Sadie’s family told me that a cable company worker had left the gate open and Sadie managed to escape their fenced yard. Sadie was then reported by a neighbor to the local police department as a stray pit-bull running the neighborhood. I have heard countless stories of how this neighbor said Sadie bite her. I do not know the truth, as I was not there. However the story has changed multiple times and has even come down to Sadie destroyed the neighbors shoe but there was no skin damage. I just keep thinking how did the shoe end up in Sadie’s mouth unless Sadie was being kicked at.

The police officer then said that Sadie growled at him and he shot her. This is what I was told. This is hearsay. I was told that the officers then petted Sadie and were looking at her wound. Then they took her to the veterinarian office for help.

Such a mean dog that she let them look at her wound and then take her to get help…

I don’t know if Sadie bite someone. I wasn’t there. I know a Shepherd mauled me two years back. I know that it didn’t bite my foot. It went for my face and got my arm in the process, and then it continued to bite me on my back and butt and leg. Never once did it go for my foot… Nor did it stop biting. That was a vicious dog. I honestly can’t see a vicious pit-bull not breaking skin or going for just a foot then quitting. But hey… Again… Hearsay..

So this is the story I have for now. I apologize it is not more. I’m sure you all will hear more later as the story progresses. I have no doubt in my mind news will get a hold of this. Even though the countless news stations including Romeoville Patch’s Shannon Antintori who I handed my story to directly when the shepherd mauled me refused to report on it. Even with police report in hand. But since this involved a pit-bull I know it will surface. It always does.

What you choose to believe will be up to you. But unless any of us were there, we can’t know exactly what happened. That is the truth.

The only thing that mattered was Sadie and making sure she was ok. She was the victim here. Regardless if the owners were irresponsible and at error and if the cop was or the neighbor. None of that matters.

So when I called Stana about this I was furious. My first reaction was that when I was mauled it took several days before the shepherd that got me was even put under a required hold. However Sadie was shot same day on the spot. I wanted to yell at the officer. Stana, my teacher, my wisdom, said something to me that made me stop and think and changed my whole way of thinking.

“It doesn’t matter what the cop did. It doesn’t matter what we say or do. The cop won’t be held liable and this will happen again. The only thing that matters is that Sadie will be ok.”

I processed this. She was right.

So this is why I ask you to not call the police department and harass them or write letters. That is not accomplishing anything. That is simply putting them even more against our community.

What I ask is that you use this as a positive. Take control and let’s change things. How?

Simple. Start going to your communities board meetings! Start contacting your community’s government officials. Start demanding that police have better training on how to handle these situations with out using lethal force. Start demanding that pit bulls not be judged and if you are in a bsl area, fight it! If you aren’t start demanding that stop following a law that doesn’t exist.

The only way we are going to make sure this doesn’t happen again is to do something with brains here. Fight it the right way! Threats and harassment never accomplish anything. Let’s advocate better training and education. Let’s show the world our behaved pitties. GOOD OWNERS MAKE FOR GOOD STORIES. Let’s make the news report more good pittie stories and less bad.

Things won’t change if you don’t do this smart.

Keep donating to local animal rescues. People like Stana from Recycled.Pits need more help. They are the reason Sadie is alive. By helping fund them and keep them going we are one step closer to the main goal here. SAVING LIVES!

I am over 30k in debt from my mauling by a shepherd. My arm will never be the same. My work abilities will never be the same. I will probably never see a penny from anyone. No one will take responsibility for what happened to me. I bet you damn well if it was a pittie that MAULED me, my financial situation would be different. So I ask that instead of confirming what they already think that pittie owners are ignorant and na├»ve. I ask that you prove them wrong. Show them how smart we are. Show them that we can fight this legally. Make a difference in your community! No start is too small. 

To donate to Recycled.Pits please either go to the Players for Pits page or Recycled.Pits page. You can also donate directly via paypal under the email address

I leave you with some photo's of the events that caused this blog. I in no way advocate for a dog that bites. I am left with a different life because of a vicious dog that mauled me. However I do not advocate for labeling a dog vicious simply because of its breed. That is where I draw the line. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Krokodil? Murder? You decide. Either way my friend is dead.

So I found myself in a confused state of mind two days ago. I was scrolling Face Book on my phone and suddenly saw all these posts about a new drug called Krokodil. The confusion wasn’t that of being shocked like everyone else. My confusion was simple. Why on Earth was this being announced as new and just hitting Will County or even Illinois? It’s currently October 2013. Five months ago I learned about Krokodil. Why hadn’t anyone else known about till now? I guess that is what leads up to what I am about to share with you. I understand this is going to be long. You are going to question yourself as to whether you want to take the time to read it. However before you turn away, I highly encourage you to read it.

This is the story of a drug dealer who basically committed murder in Will County and is walking away scot-free.

This is the story of a twenty nine year old Mother of one, a dreamer, an actress, a model, a daughter/mother/sister and friend. She is no longer alive. She didn’t get to see age 30. Was Krokodil part of this? I’m pretty sure it was. So hang in there with me. I am going to change names in what I post below. Out of respect for her family and her son. I am going to delete the drug dealer/murderer’s name out of legal reasons. I can’t call him that by name. That would be illegal. Even though killing someone apparently isn’t.  So my friends name will now be known as Victim below and his name will be labeled Drug Dealer. Everything else that I copy and paste is exactly word for word the truth!

In 1997 I was thirteen years old. My best friend at the time, Victim and I were sitting outside her house. We were taking a break from playing Crash Bandicoot on her new game system. We were normal kids were dreams of going amazing places. Victim’s family hadn’t always lived in the U.S. Her Father escaped many tribulations and traumas in a country that was currently at war. He brought his three daughters and wife here to the U.S. to start over and have a safe and happy life. They owned a beautiful town home and he had a great job. Victim’s Mom didn’t adjust to the U.S. as easily as everyone else. She still had a language barrier. However you could see in her smile that she was happy enough knowing her children were getting a chance at an amazing life.

Flash forward a few years later to 2007. This would be the last time I ever get to see Victim. We went a few years with out seeing each other. In this time period her Mother died from cancer. She had been in a really long relationship with her high school sweet heart and had a baby. She now had a beautiful young son. She found me on My Space and was interested in modeling. We hadn’t spoke in so long and I couldn’t wait to see her. I drove over to her boyfriend’s house that she was living with and we sat outside by a small fire pit she had just purchased. When I first got out of my car I was blown away. The little girl who had so many dreams and aspirations had grown into a beautiful woman. She was stunning! She was also smart. So smart! We spent the next few hours catching up on everything. I was so proud of her and so excited to be back in contact with her. Over the next few months I helped her get into the modeling world. Introducing her to the right people and teaching her the tricks of the trade, how to get her portfolio work done, who to work with, ect.

During this time I also started to notice some things that were off about her. Victim seemed a little on the edgy side. I know a ton of people smoke pot. I don’t judge them. That is their choice. I don’t simply because I don’t care too. But it seemed like any time I would stop by she was either waiting for some to be dropped off or had to leave to go pick some up. I was not very comfortable with this but let it slide. We spent those few months reconnecting and cherishing our childhood memories.

Then came the last time I would ever see Victim. In the process of introducing her to the modeling world she had met a group of people I didn’t care to work with nor did I like their way of going about it. She stopped taking my advice and decided to take a different direction in her modeling career. Not thinking that would be the last time I would ever see her I let petty modeling drama end our friendship. I simply told her that if this is the people she wants to choose to work with and the road she wants to take that I wished her the best of luck but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t take her where she wanted to go. I never spoke to her again.

I want on with my life like normal. I didn’t even know what was going on in hers. Apparently the death of her Mom hit hard. On top of that she was dealing with relationship issues with her high school sweet heart. She was also dealing with problems that I know all too well. Endometriosis. I am fortunate enough to have health insurance. Victim was not. The pain that endo causes can cripple you. Before I learned other ways to cope with it, even the strongest painkillers couldn’t relieve it. I can only imagine what she was dealing with. I was told she had some other health issues as well. In 2011 her family home burned down and her Father was diagnosed with cancer as well. At this point Victim needed good friends. But I never knew this and neither did a few of her other ‘good’ friends. Instead she was surrounded by people who weren’t ‘good’ people. They were ‘bad’ people. Only out for themselves.

In June of this year I found out that Victim had died. When I first heard the news I sat there blank for a good hour trying to process it. I couldn’t believe it. I figured it was some hoax or joke, but then came the proof. Victim was dead at 29! On top of all this Victim’s father was undergoing chemo for cancer and living in a home that wasn’t up to par for someone with those health issues. He definitely could not afford a proper burial. A few of Victim’s other close childhood friends who hadn’t seen her in a while either came together and decided it was our job to step in and make sure she had the proper goodbye. For her, for her son, and for her family. It was the right thing to do.

I am a somewhat nosey person. There were so many rumors circulating about Victim’s death and I didn’t believe a single one. I wanted to know more! How does a 29 year old with not terminal health issues just suddenly die? What caused it? Who caused it? Why? I started to dig. What I found will not only disgust you but it will alarm you.

Before Victim died I was one of those people who basically believed ‘If you do drugs you deserve what happens to you.’ I was cold hearted and cruel. After living this and discovering everything that happened. I no longer believe that. I fully believe that there are some people out there who suffer from addiction. They are weaker then you and I. They are easily persuaded and tempted. If everything is failing around them, they suddenly are even that much more weak. Addiction isn’t a joke. It’s a serious illness and with out the right people surrounding you, it can kill you. However it didn’t kill Victim. A person is responsible for that!

So this is Victim’s story. This is when I learned about Krokodil. This is how a local suburban drug dealer was able to kill a 29-year-old mother of one and get away with it….

As I told you as soon as I found out about Victim’s death I wanted to know more. So I did what anyone would do. I asked her family. I found out a few things but they still really didn’t know what happened either. The cops had confiscated her phone and by the way they still have it. I wonder what use they have for her iphone since nothing was done regarding her death.

My next step was to use social media for more information. Considering the police already had her cell phone, this meant they had access to her Face Book too. What I could not understand was if they had access, why weren’t they doing anything? Because what I read on Victim’s Face Book sickened me and I will never forget it.

Below you will read the entire conversation between Victim and her Drug Dealer. The guy I believed murdered her. I can’t say he did, because he has not been charged nor convicted. However I can tell you why I think he is guilty. The only things that have been changed in the messages below are names, numbers, addresses and locations. Nothing else has been changed. I even left the typos and slang for you.

As you read the messages you will think badly about both people. You will question why I call her a victim? But when you read them think really hard about what happens to someone who is hooked on a drug? An addict? A functioning addict? It may surprise and sicken you to discover just who they are. Your neighbors? Your co-workers? In your family? Among your friends? Then think about the guy that is responsible for keeping these people and Victim hooked.

March 17th, 12:07am
Victim: 12:07am
You up

Drug Dealer: 12:12am
Victim: 12:12am
What u doing

Drug Dealer 12:13am
jus sitting at home
whats good with u

Victim 12:23am
Victim 1:07am
Just chillen
Hey I got 30mg roxys wich is non generic for 30mg oxycodone if anyone wants to trade em for white. One = to 4-5 norcos
I noticed your phones off
They equal to 4-5 norcos each

Drug Dealer 1:11am
yeah i aint messing around
somebody tryed setting me up
to where i got chase by the police and lost my phone and my phone bill ended up being due so there aint no reason to pay it
im laying low for a bit
i didnt get caught with anything
cause i didnt have nothing
Victim 1:16am
Oh ok bummer ill give em extra if they do

Drug Dealer 1:19am
idk Victim
March 17th, 6:55pm
Victim: 6:55pm
Hey still no on that
Victim: 7:03pm
My dad just left for work lets party lol
Do u do that what I asked u about
March 18th, 9:34am

Drug Dealer: 9:34am
was this message meant for me lol
March 18th, 5:53pm
Victim 5:53pm
Yes it was
March 18th
Victim 11:24pm
Hey would u be interested going to boyfriend’s  bday party wit ur kids or kid on march 30th or around it their would be free tokens or goodies bags free indoor rides or free tokens if the weather is bad for outdoor rides. That's if I can get the money. Bday cake, sundaes , plus more my kid will get the money booth plus 100 on his next visit good up to 11 montha
Hey what's your buddy's name and the gym he owns. My dad will need All the money he can get for the apartment
I changed my phone number for the harassment I'm
Dealing with my ex
Call me from a friends number
Or. Message me here
Victim: 1:03am
I know you introduc me to him but but I can't remember his name and its important I talked to him bout that job. For a life surviving opportunity
Or my son, my dad And I will be living under a bridge
March 19th, 10:33pm
Victim: 10:33pm
Drug dealer?
I got a new number cause my ex was harassing me
March 20th, 7:04pm
Victim: 7:04pm
March 21st, 8:04am

Drug Dealer 8:04am
hey whats up? sorry I aint been feelin to good lately..
March 22nd, 8:00pm
Victim 8:00pm
Hey how ate you
March 23rd, 2:43am

Drug Dealer 2:43am
March 26th, 8:35pm
Victim: 8:35pm
How are u
March 26th, 11:49pm

Drug Dealer: 11:49pm
im good whats up how are u
March 29th, 5:23pm
Victim: 5:23pm
I'm going to sue ***** hospital for malpractice
I came in here with a simple problem and now I have problems that are not good, from terrible care
I ment to say they Caused additional problems that weren't there before
Drug Dealer?

Drug Dealer: 5:40pm
March 30th, 11:26am
Victim: 11:26am
Hey can you get anything for pain that's strong but not too expensive since we lost our home. The hospital caused me to have mutiple blood clots in my leg and those things can kill a person I  think i might have a case against  *** hospital.
March 30th, 12:36pm
Victim: 12:36pm
Please all 4 of my limbs hurt. I have to crawl to get around. You would be my hero
There's also clots in my arm. Wait till you see this its crazy
And your more then welcome to come by and have a drink with me if u want
I can't drink unless I get this pain under controll
March 30th, 1:58pm
Victim: 1:58pm
Your mom don't have anything
Victim: 2:03pm

March 30th, 6:15pm
Victim : 6:15pm
Your mom doesn't want to get rid of a few
This wouldn't be so important if I didn't need it. Blood clots are agonizing pain. Can you please ask her?
March 31st, 11:47am
Victim: 11:47am
Happy Easter

Drug Dealer: 12:28pm
whats ur nymber
March 31st, 4:22pm
Victim: 4:22pm
I changed cause of my ex
Call me please

Drug Dealer: 4:30pm
im gonna call u from aa private number
Victim: 4:30pm
K Why is everything okay
March 31st, 7:10pm

Drug Dealer: 7:10pm
hey jus letting u know I kept on calliung u and u didn't answer im about to goto sleep
Victim: 7:16pm
Ok my brother is a fucking asshole. And would not borrow me 30. He doesn't even care about my pain. : ( I
Never felt more alone and helpless in my entire life
And I pray I don't loose my leg or this doesn't kill me
April 9th, 6:01pm
Victim: 6:01pm
Hey drug dealer how are you
Can you call me
April 10th, 8:53am
Victim: 8:53am
Hey going out to
Bolingbrook today and would like to talk to you
I have some money for your mom if that's possible

Drug Dealer: 9:10am
Victim: 9:10am
How are you

Drug Dealer: 9:10am
im ok jus at home got hurt at work
Victim: 9:11am
What happened

Drug Dealer: 9:11am
jus chillin with my lil guy
Victim: 9:11am
Sorry to hear that
Workers comp I

Drug Dealer: 9:11am
I jus tripped over somepallets
i cant pass  a drug test
Victim: 9:12am
I hate that

Drug Dealer: 9:12am
im str8 though kinda wanted to be off
Victim: 9:12am
That's good

Drug Dealer: 9:12am
Victim: 9:13am
Not good. This apartment sucks

Drug Dealer: 9:13am
its better then nothing
Victim: 9:13am
Sounds like you do the same line of work as my dad

Drug Dealer: 9:14am
i work on an assemblyline
but notforlong
Victim: 9:15am
He's got cancer and still working his butt off. I can't wait till he retires. He works in trucks
Are you quitting

Drug Dealer: 9:15am
Victim: 9:16am
Im going out to Bolingbrook for my dads treatments. Does your mom have anything

Drug Dealer: 9:17am
im not sure yet I can let u know in a bit
Victim: 9:17am
K I'm taking him at 10ish his appt is at 11 and I can run to you while he's doing his treatment
Thank you

Drug Dealer: 9:18am
Victim: 9:18am
So when you tripped you didn't break anything did ya?
Bone wise

Drug Dealer: 9:19am
Victim: 9:19am
That's good
Did u see da video I posted
It's fucking hilarious

Drug Dealer: 9:28am
hell nw
Victim: 10:07am
That idiot ruined his life
I'm leaving shortly. Did you talk to your mom

Drug Dealer: 10:22am
my momainit got none
but we can stop by this onehouse
they  have em
but they aint answering
they stay in the brook
that's up too u
I prolly gotta wake them up
Victim: 10:25am
Ok thanks
So what should I do

Drug Dealer: 10:26am
jus come get me
if u want
we can go there
its by ******** Hospital
Victim: 10:27am
That's where I'm going
***** hospital

Drug Dealer:10:28am
so what u wanna do
its up too u
im jus tryin to find u somin
Victim :10:31am
Is it the same ones
Through your mom
Or through your friend

Drug Dealer: 10:31am
through my kids mom sister
she has that an zanex
but she not answering
Victim: 10:32am
How much are the pain ones

Drug Dealer: 10:32am
I sometimes jus go knock
Victim: 10:33am
Do you know what kind they are? I gotta lotta allergies that's why I ask

Drug Dealer:10:34am
they are those opanas
like my mom
Victim: 10:34am
Ill hit up when I drop him off
Thank you
Will u be online

Drug Dealer: 10:45am
Victim: 11:15am
I'm on my way to your house

Drug Dealer: 11:16am
u know how to get her
Victim: 11:16am
I believe so lol
Same place

Drug Dealer: 11:16am

Drug Dealer: 11:21am
Address was posted here but deleted to not reveal information of identity.

April 10th, 12:41pm
Victim: 12:41pm
My dads not going to work so if anything comes up let me know

Drug Dealer: 12:41pm
Victim: 12:41pm
Thanks Hun
April 10th, 2:17pm
Victim: 2:17pm
Any changes. Cuz im in Bolingbrook still with my dad at the ER. The Doc Is afraid the Cancer traveled to his brain
April 12th, 3:29pm

Drug Dealer:3:29pm
hey ijus got theh
I  got the H street stuf u can try it
April 12th, 6:35pm

Drug Dealer: 6:35pm
hey u
Victim: 6:40pm
Hey no ride today so hopefully you will have sum tomorrow

Drug Dealer: 6:40pm
Victim: 7:05pm
Can I get sum in the morning
A bills worth minuim
Maybe more if possible
April 12th, 9:10pm
Victim: 9:10pm
Let me know tonight if I can come by tomorrow so I can leave a message for my dad to use to the car in the morning, please
April 13th, 7:32am
Victim: 7:32am
Good morning
I got the keys and Benjamin Franklin ready lol
Can I ask you something personal?
April 13th, 8:41am
Victim: 8:41am
Never mind that last question
So can I be at your place by noon?
And would a bills worth be possible
Victim: 8:49am
Your pics of you and your son are always too cute
He looks just like you
Victim: 9:07am
Are we still on for noon or would you like me to come earlier

Drug Dealer: 9:07am
welligot2 left
Victim: 9:08am
There's no way to get bills worth
I can come now

Drug Dealer: 9:11am
I was going out there later  that's if u wanna wait
Victim: 9:11am
What time is later

Drug Dealer: 9:12am
idk to b honest
ijus wokeup
Victim: 9:13am
Ok I'm going to come now for those and get more later

Drug Dealer: 9:14am
Victim: 9:19am
Leaving now
Victim: 9:34am
Are you sure this stuff is good
Victim: 10:04am
Hey u there?
###? Or ###?

Drug Dealer:10:44am

April 13th, 12:37pm
Victim: 12:37pm
Quick ?
Victim: 12:46pm
I'm taking a test Monday how does this come up in your system

Drug Dealer: 12:52pm
Victim: 1:02pm
I hope so
This stuff is good.. Good looking out

Drug Dealer: 1:02pm
2 or3 days
Victim: 1:03pm
I have a script bottle of hydromorphine and Valium would that be ok? Test is on Monday
Can I deceive them with that

Drug Dealer: 1:04pm
udont have much body fat so ur system
jus drinkfluids
    willb clean fast
Victim: 1:06pm
Hydromorphine is opiates so that should be cool, right?

Drug Dealer: 1:06pm
Victim: 1:07pm
Ok cool. Deffinetly grabbing 3 more this was good for my pain. I feel like I can go into battle now lol

Drug Dealer: 1:07pm
battle whoa
Victim: 1:08pm
Figure of speech
At the end of this month I should be done with unpacking. Want to go out for drinks?

Drug Dealer: 1:09pm
Victim: 1:09pm
How about the 27th or 28th
It's a weekend
At (bar name deleted)

Drug Dealer: 1:10pm
yeah jus let me know
Victim: 1:11pm
By the way loved your house. It's very nice and clean. Your wall coloring looked just like my old house. We had the same thing

Drug Dealer: 1:14pm
yeah u can comeover n chil
when ever
Victim: 1:18pm
Thank you for the invite
April 13th, 3:34pm
Victim: 3:34pm
Did u go to the city yet

Drug Dealer: 3:35pm
no im still waiting
im going now
i will b like an hr
Victim: 3:38pm

Drug Dealer: 3:38pm
how long wil u have the car for
how may u want
Victim: 3:40pm
60 worth
Not sure

Drug Dealer: 3:41pm
well let me know
k well i jus let u know when im back
Victim: 3:42pm
I should all day he just ran to meet his lawyer

Victim: 3:42pm
im leaing in five mins
Victim: 3:43pm
If there's any chance you can meet me in romeoville. I would appreciate it if not I understand

Drug Dealer: 3:50pm
Victim: 3:55pm
Thanks hunny

Drug Dealer: 4:00pm
ok im leaving and i need to know how many u want me to save
Victim: 4:01pm
3 of them please

Drug Dealer: 4:01pm
got ya
u did those already
Victim: 4:01pm
No not even half

Drug Dealer: 4:01pm
its some good shit
Victim: 4:01pm
I just plan ahead

Drug Dealer: 4:02pm
i hope it help u
Victim: 4:02pm
I was. Planning to get a bills worth altogether but u only had 2 and yes it did greatly
Thank you hunny

Drug Dealer: 4:02pm
You rock drug dealer!

Drug Dealer: 4:03pm
k im out
Victim: 4:03pm
See u soon : )

Drug Dealer: 4:03pm
Victim: 4:03pm
Be careful please
I worry about my friends

April 13th, 5:12pm
Victim: 5:12pm
Are u back yet?
Victim: 5:33pm
Drug Dealer?
Victim: 6:09pm
Victim: 6:14pm
Victim: 6:24pm
Just wanted to let you know I got a ride
Victim: 6:39pm
Ok I got 70
Victim: 6:55pm
Call me back
If u need to
Can i come in when I get there
April 13th, 8:19pm
Victim: 8:19pm
You there
April 14th, 8:50am
Victim: 8:50am
Good morning

April 14th, 12:41pm
Victim: 12:41pm
April 14th, 2:59pm
Victim: 2:59pm
Hey can u call me
April 14th, 5:49pm
Victim: 5:49pm
Hey it's urgent that I talk to you before the nights over, please get back to me as soon as you can thanks Hun

Drug Dealer: 6:27pm
hey im not at home don't call my house number my mom jus snapped on meimnot home when I get around I will call don't call that number nomore plz
because people keep calling
Victim: 7:13pm
I need to talk to you it's very urgent before I have court tomorrow
Can we talk on here
Sorry about I didn't know anyone was allowed call your phone. I only called once
Victim: 7:21pm
Is there any chance that second round had meth in it cause it didn't feel like H? And that's fine I don't care about that part but I have to take a test and I can get locked up and my son needs me and I'm the only one there to care for him. Or any chance anything else could be in it. I'm nervous and need a peace of mind or a plan to get out of it if there could be something else
April 14th, 11:01pm

Drug Dealer: 11:01pm
it was Hi guess he used to much cut dormsu will be fine drink lots of water
it was the fact of alot of people calling me for that stuff my mom dont know what im doing so she thinking something and it wasnt u  sorry if i nade it seem like it was u  people were calling me late and early morning

April 15th, 12:51am
Victim: 12:51am
What's dormsu
April 15th, 8:58am
Victim: 8:58am
Hey what's dorms
Can u call me on my way to court

Drug Dealer: 9:06am
yeah when
Victim: 9:07am

Drug Dealer: 9:07am
Victim: 9:11am
Thank so

April 15th, 4:37pm

Drug Dealer: 4:37pm
hey u

April 17th, 8:45am
Victim: 8:45am
Hey how are you?
April 17th, 1:07pm

Drug Dealer: 1:07pm
im ok how bout urself
April 18th, 8:34pm
Victim: 8:34pm
Shitty this weather is making my arthritis to inflame. What's this I hear your depressed? Are you ok? Is there anything I can do to cheer u up?

April 19th, 4:02pm

Drug Dealer: 4:02pm
yeah a hug
Victim: 4:11pm
Aww *hugs* better?

Drug Dealer: 4:13pm
well i would say sominelse
but i aint
Victim: 4:18pm
You gotta focus on good luck if you focus on anything negative then then the negative will come your way. A persons mind is like a magnet
April 19th, 6:54pm

Drug Dealer: 6:54pm
hey u
Victim: 6:55pm
What's up

Drug Dealer: 6:56pm
nothing jus wanted to say  hi

April 20th, 9:50am
Victim: 9:50am
Hey can you get any opamas
April 20th, 4:00pm
Victim: 4:00pm
My dad is in allot of pain from his cancer. The pain pump is empty and no way to get ahold of doc

April 20th, 5:40pm

Drug Dealer: 5:40pm
Victim: 5:41pm
How many can I get?

Drug Dealer: 5:42pm
3 but they 30 a piece
but I might get rid of them so idk
Victim: 5:43pm
Ok can you please hold it for me. My dad really needs those
His illness is spreading

Drug Dealer: 5:44pm
yeah but its whoever comes first
I have to get rid of themfor my mom
Victim: 5:45pm
I've been trying to get in touch with you since morning

Drug Dealer: 5:45pm
ididnt know im sorry
whats ur number
Victim: 5:46pm
Lets say someone does beat me to the punch. Whoever that would be I'm sure is going to use it recreationally unlike my dad, that thinks your a really a nice guy

Drug Dealer: 5:47pm
what ur number
Victim: 5:47pm
### ### ####
Victim: 5:59pm
So should I not get my dads hopes up
Victim: 6:31pm
My sister said she will be here in an hour and she could take me
Victim: 6:39pm
Is that cool?
Can I tell him he will feel better soon
April 21st, 1:03am
Victim: 1:03am
After I got off the phone with u my dad fell. Had to take him to the hospital. Did you sell those

April 21st, 11:08am
Victim: 11:08am
The number isn't here. I wrote it down on paper
Victim: 11:49am
I just missed your call
April 21st, 1:13pm

Drug Dealer: 1:13pm
im not going  anywhere im at home let me know whats  up
Victim: 1:36pm
Is 5ish ok?

Drug Dealer: 1:58pm
yeah but I cant wait allnite if u cant make it them im getting rid of them I cant  b holding them when others want them
if u don't make 5pm they gonna b gone
April 21st, 4:54pm
Victim: 4:54pm
I won't have the car till after 5
If you really can't wait what can you do.

Drug Dealer: 5:22pm
cause I been waiting for u
its after 5 now

Drug Dealer: 5:32pm
Look I been calling u allday giving u the time u need tryin to help im  bout done trying to help I start a new job tomorrow I wont b around
Victim: 6:08pm
I'm waiting on the car
I'm sorry. I'm just trying to help him but my sister had to get a extra hour in at work. Her car didn't start today so she took the bus to us
But I won't stop you from doing what you have to do. If it gets real bad ill just call an ambulance for him. And if you need to go somewhere go ahead don't wait around especially if you might be coming my direction

April 22nd, 12:53pm

Drug Dealer: 12:53pm
what up I got more opana
Victim: 1:06pm
Yea I don't have a car right now
I can try to get a friend to take me
The same friend of the family doesn't work today that took me before.
Victim: 1:20pm
I can co
I can come anytime before 6
Say about 4
Victim: 1:32pm
Or I can try to go a different time as long as its before 6 cause they got bowling
Just let me know as soon as you can so I can tell them or plan it out
Victim: 1:46pm
I wish I can call u
But yea I got a car so just hit me up when you want me to come to your house

Drug Dealer: 2:01pm
come  now
Victim: 2:17pm
I'm on my way

Drug Dealer: 2:17pm
ok  how many
Victim: 2:22pm
Can I tell you when I get there. It depends how much gas I have  to contribute to this car

Drug Dealer: 2:22pm
Victim: 2:22pm
And I'm waiting for my dad to let me know its for him

Drug Dealer: 2:23pm
u said u was on ur way

Drug Dealer 2:34pm
### is the number
Victim: 2:45pm
Are these from your baby mama

Drug Dealer: 2:47pm
my mom
my kids mom sister got busted
Victim: 2:49pm
Oh my gosh I'm so sorry

Drug Dealer: 2:50pm
yeah that's messed up
she got pulled over n they found like tenpills
April 23rd, 3:22pm
Victim: 3:22pm
Hey do you have any left

Drug Dealer: 3:40pm

April 23rd, 5:11pm
Victim: 5:11pm
Can you call me
Do you like my pic
Not sure why I miss didn't show but the photo is in my last post
I would like to get 8
Victim: 5:35pm
Can you call me

April 23rd, 6:54pm
Victim: 6:54pm
Drug Dealer? I really need to take to you
Victim: 7:53pm
Call me please I got bills
April 23rd, 10:37pm
Victim: 10:37pm
Almost there

April 26th, 3:09pm
Victim: 3:09pm
Do u have anything
My brother in law tried so hard to apologize to me yesterday for screwing me over with that 200 I was suppose to get. I'm giving him the cold shoulder
Victim: 3:34pm
I have the money in my hand for 4. $120.00

Drug Dealer: 4:18pm
Victim: 4:31pm
 (Name) that the friend of our family gets off early tonight. He gets off at 7. So if he says yes then around there

April 26th, 7:00pm
Victim: 7:00pm
On my way can I come in your garage
Oh can I please please please get 4 for a bill. Since I'm spending $100.00. And I have to give them gas money cause they gotta go from crest hill
April 27th, 5:58pm
Victim: 5:58pm
Did you just call

Drug Dealer: 5:59pm
yeah do u need anything
im leaving for 2 days
April 29th, 1:19am

Drug Dealer: 1:19am
u up kinda late
April 29th, 8:21am

Drug Dealer: 8:21am
hey do u still have the fridge my mom wants to c a pic
April 29th, 12:56pm
Victim: 12:56pm

May 6th, 8:02pm
Victim: 8:02pm
Hey what's up how are you
May 7th, 7:35pm
Victim: 7:35pm
Hey drug dealer! Does your mom have anything?
May 9th, 1:52pm
Victim: 1:52pm
May 9th, 3:47pm
Victim: 3:47pm
Just wondering if I could get 3? Got 90 bucks
May 10th, 12:02pm
Victim: 12:02pm
Drug Dealer?

Drug Dealer: 12:35pm

Drug Dealer: 12:44pm
wat up
i can get u 2
u need to let me know i cant wait
Victim: 1:01pm
Deffinetetly call me

Drug Dealer: 1:02pm
wats ur number
yes but u need to be forsure because i gotta leave
Victim: 1:07pm

Drug Dealer: 1:08pm
i will b here intil 3
so just come here
Victim: 1:09pm
Victim: 1:14pm
Sounds good. My dad went to the doctor at 12 so he will be back shortly and message you on the way

Drug Dealer: 1:15pm
Victim: 1:52pm
Leaving in 10 mins

Drug Dealer: 1:52pm

Drug Dealer: 2:05pm
u on ur way
Victim: 2:22pm
Victim: 2:37pm
I'm in Bolingbrook.
May 10th, 3:48pm
Victim: 3:48pm
Victim: 4:13pm
What are you doing tonight

Drug Dealer: 4:15pm
why u wanna hangout
Victim: 4:15pm
Are you going to that bar

Drug Dealer: 4:17pm
I have no plans yet
wat are ur plans
I wanna get out this apartment

Drug Dealer: 4:18pm
do u have a car
Victim: 4:19pm

Drug Dealer: 4:19pm
well lets do something
Victim: 4:20pm
Hey I thought you said this was good H too?
It didn't do anything and it tasted like white

Drug Dealer: 4:20pm
its white china
u want your money back
I don't understand
the other people never say anything bad
Victim: 4:21pm
My girl will come pick me up tonight and we can scoop you to go drinking

Drug Dealer: 4:21pm
mayb a few times
wat time
whos ur girl
and are u forsure
Victim: 4:23pm
Idk it's just that from others that i had it feels like opiates this didn't. Sorry. My friend *****. You'd like her. She's cute

Drug Dealer: 4:23pm
**** who
Victim: 4:23pm
I'm waiting her to call so don't wait for me
She's coming from hickory hills. U don't know her

Drug Dealer: 4:24pm
wat u mean
Victim: 4:25pm
What do you mean by your last question

Drug Dealer: 4:25pm
I been trying to hangout with u
Victim: 4:25pm
I'll know by 6

Drug Dealer: 4:25pm
Victim: 4:25pm
That stuff you had before was good. The one with the grayish tint
I got it last time the first batch
That was awesome shit. good looking out
May 10th, 5:44pm
Victim: 5:44pm
He are you home
Victim: 6:42pm
Are you home cause I think we might be
Victim: 7:17pm
I guess your gone. Message me if you get back before we leave
May 11th, 1:38pm
Victim: 1:38pm
Hey I tried to get ahold of you yesterday
To go out

Victim: 2:26pm
Hey you there
May 11th, 3:27pm
Victim: 3:27pm
Hey can I please buy a couple more from your mom
Victim: 4:12pm
May 11th, 5:53pm
Victim: 5:53pm
Are u home
May 11th, 8:06pm
Victim: 8:06pm
We went to bar name trying to pick u up
May 11th, 9:16pm
Victim: 9:16pm
Let me know when you can if I could buy 3 more I appreciate it if possible thank you Hun
May 12th, 8:00am
Victim: 8:00am
Good morning
May 12th, 9:32am
Victim: 9:32am
Does your mom have anymore

Drug Dealer: 9:33am
not right now
I jus got some h that's it and u don't like it
Victim: 9:33am
I'll take it.

Drug Dealer: 9:34am
i got thr dubs if u want
happy moms day
Thank you for the wish
Is it the same stuff. It wasn't bad the next day lol
Cuz I did tiny bumps
Will you be home. I'm going to call for a ride

Drug Dealer: 9:36am
im here
Victim: 9:36am
K cool its for sure

Drug Dealer:9:36am
Victim: 9:37am
I'll buy em all

Drug Dealer: 9:37am
i got 4 i missed counted
Victim: 9:37am

Drug Dealer: 9:37am
that's if u want them
i will b here
Victim: 9:37am
Yea it will help
Oh and you missed out on a fun night. U need a phone

Drug Dealer: 9:38am
i almosthave the money for a phone
Victim: 9:38am
I understand they are not cheap. For 4 phones our bill was 500

Drug Dealer: 9:39am
i jus use pre paid

Drug Dealer: 9:54am
 hey are u coming 4sure
Victim: 9:54am
I am. Can you give me a min to get ahold my ride. They are home jut trying to get in touch

Drug Dealer: 9:55am

Drug Dealer: 10:28am
so wat did u end up doing on friday
Victim: 10:34am
Bar name

Drug Dealer: 10:34am
Victim: 10:35am
I have biker bars around me lol so that was the only option

Drug Dealer: 10:35am

Drug Dealer: 10:54am
hey did u hear anything
Victim: 10:55am
He's at store name it won't take long he just needed a couple things

Drug Dealer: 10:55am
ok im home jus with my kids
so u on ur way
u think u be here around 12ish
Victim: 10:56am
Not yet after he's done he can pick me up. It's a friend if the family

Drug Dealer: 10:57am
the guy in the honda
Victim: 10:57am

Drug Dealer: 10:58am
k jus come to the door when u get here
Victim: 11:34am
Drug Dealer?

Drug Dealer: 11:55am
Victim: 11:56am
I know I said I would buy 4 but I have to give him gas plus I got to pay a bill would you please do 2 for 30

Drug Dealer: 11:56am
Victim: 11:58am
Would that be ok?

Drug Dealer: 11:58am
Victim: 11:59am
Thank you

Drug Dealer: 11:59am
if u can get 10 more I will hook u up with another
Victim: 11:59am
I litterely went in tears due to my bills

Drug Dealer: 11:59am
Victim: 11:59am
I'll try

Drug Dealer: 11:59am
u know when u b here

Drug Dealer: 12:12pm
whats up

Victim: 12:12pm
Getting ready
Victim: 12:31pm
I'll be there after 1
I can do 40 if you hook it up
Victim: 12:55pm
On my way

Drug Dealer: 1:04pm
May 17th, 2:16pm

Drug Dealer: 2:16pm
hey u how u been
May 19th, 11:44pm
Victim: 11:44pm
Peachy and u
May 21st, 4:14pm
Victim: 4:14pm
Hey Drug Dealer
What u up to
Victim: 5:00pm
Are you home
May 21st, 7:25pm

Drug Dealer: 7:25pm
wats up im at home
Victim: 8:09pm
How are you?
Does your mom have any opanas
May 22nd, 7:16pm

Drug Dealer: 7:16pm
fine nope jus the other stuff
Victim: 8:06pm
What can you do for 50
Good to hear your doing better doll
May 23rd, 8:40am

Drug Dealer: 8:40am
i wil give u 4 bags
hey cal me at this number ########## if u get 60 I will do 5
jus call me
May 23rd, 12:08pm
Victim: 12:08pm
Sorry I lost my phone

Drug Dealer: 12:43pm
im at home if u can come by
if u want to stop by im at home
May 23rd, 2:10pm
Victim: 2:10pm
Ok I'll hollar as soon as pops get home from court
Is the same stuff? Or different
Did you get a phone yet
May 23rd, 4:46pm
Victim: 4:46pm
Is that possible still
Unless the opanas are available cause those truly help my pain and would appreciate those instead
Victim: 5:19pm
Drug Dealer
Btw how are the kids doing??
May 23rd, 10:53pm
Victim: 10:53pm
May 24th, 9:05am
Victim: 9:05am
Good morning drug dealer
May 24th, 6:15pm

Drug Dealer: 6:15pm
hey I got some better stuff if u gonna need somin
May 24th, 8:24pm
Drug Dealer: 8:24pm
Still the same deal

Drug Dealer: 8:39pm
My guy had some other stuff its pretty good this girl wanted me to front her the rest that i had n i cant i need to get rid of the rest so i can get my phone
im at home
I actually tried some lmao!!!

Drug Dealer: 9:21pm
Hey I will give u a deal if u decide too im at home just come here or we can meet up tomorrow victim i want to chill with u u should come hang out tomorrow we having a bbq u are welcome to come jus let me
May 25th, 1:03pm
Victim: 1:03pm
Hey just got your message. Let me know while I'm online it's still good. Or call me ##########.
May 29th, 9:25am

Drug Dealer: 9:25am
hey I jus got somemore
let me know if u need some
I got rid of the other stuff
May 29th, 1:13pm
Victim: 1:13pm
Is it tar? Cause that's what I'm looking for?
May 29th, 3:21pm

Drug Dealer: 3:21pm
victim im done dealing with u I try helping u out
i told u what i had u know so i will leave it at that
May 30th, 11:59am
Victim: 11:59am
Ok thanks
June 1st, 11:03am

Victim: 11:03am
Drug Dealer? I don't understand why you got mad at me? I was just curious and hoping it was that. I'm sorry for asking. I didn't it would always be the same stuff.
June 1st, 2:46pm

Drug Dealer: 2:46pm
ok I was just  in a bad mood whats up
June 1st, 4:00pm

Drug Dealer: 4:00pm
hey if u are wanting something just call me ##########
Victim: 4:54pm
I'm glad your better. You got your phone back I see.
June 1st, 7:05pm
Victim: 7:05pm
I sent you a text. Any chance of getting both H and what your mom has?
June 2nd, 5:50am

Drug Dealer: 5:50am
that was my house number I still don't have a phone and she wont sell any because I don't understand I think shes just paranoid about her pain
Dr counts her pills I guess witch I don't belive but owell if u decide u want the other I have that's up too u
June 2nd, 11:41am
Victim: 11:41am
I do how many you have
June 2nd, 3:22pm
Victim: 3:22pm
I'm glad to see you in better mood
June 3rd, 10:14am
Victim: 10:14am
What you up to

Drug Dealer: 11:04am
just at home just waiting for somebody to come get some bags i went to da city and got more if u want i will give u some for those coins cause my son likes them
Victim: 11:57am
How many bags for how how many coins
June 3rd, 1:04pm

Drug Dealer: 1:04pm
I will give u 5 bags for the rest of the coins u cant beat that its up to u
June 4th, 9:30am

Drug Dealer: 9:30am
hey u
u ok
June 4th, 6:47pm
Victim: 6:47pm
I might have to surgery but right now I'm running a fever of 101.3
Chat Conversation End

So first I would like to say to look up above in the beginning stages of the conversation.  The photos she sent him of her leg and ankle.  This is where Krokodil comes into play.  I don't know much about the new drug but it seems that it very possibly could have been the beginning stages of it.  She even commented on hoping to not lose her leg back in early April. Also, when speaking to a local narcotics detective he had brought up this new form of Heroin from Russia that was causing junkies to lose limbs.  How convenient that he brought this up?  Remember again this was in June! Whatever this was didn't get to the advanced stages though.  She was dead or as I believe more fitting, killed before it could advance.

I am curious as to if a proper autopsy was done. How long has this been out there and just possibly not diagnosed properly? If Victim had lived long enough, would we have known about it or would it have killed her?

So basically that is why when Krokodil appeared all over my Face Book news feed I felt that nauseating feeling deep in my stomach. This should be enough proof that is has been here longer then we all know, possibly longer!

...Back on to Victim.  The last messages you see from Victim and Drug Dealer are on June 4th, 2013.  Victim died on June 5th, 2013. In the process of preparing for Victim's memorial and funeral we had created an online fundraiser. Drug Dealer had commented on there that he had just seen her in the hospital the day before. This got me thinking. (BTW Drug Dealer also didn't donate a penny to help with the memorial or funeral nor did he show up. He also deleted her from Face Book immediately as soon as he saw someone had accessed her Face Book page and he blocked her, as if the messages would disappear? Did he not realize Face Book messages never go away!  Police can always pull them up even after they are deleted! What type of friend was he? Not one at all)!

Basically he was the last person to see her alive in the hospital.  The last conversations he had with her on Face Book were regarding trading coins for heroin. These coins are very special and easily identified.  My guess though is since the cops have not acted on it, the coins are long gone by now.  He surely had to think they would come looking for them.

I spoke with the detective in charge of Victim's case. In the early stages I thought something was going to be done. I was proved wrong. Nothing has been done. No one cares who should.  Basically, using common sense and random conversation with the detective I managed to come up with this theory.

Victim was in the hospital due to a staph infection on her hip (or could it have been Krokodil, we will never know). She was going to live. They were going to do surgery. They probably had put her on a methadone drip to prep her for surgery. The cops still have her cell phone but I'm betting the texts messages on there prove the methadone was not enough and she wanted a better high.  Drug Dealer then delivers heroin to her in the hospital.  (That is my theory, I do not have proof!  Ask the Police Department, I bet they know more).  She dies. Hospital freaks out because someone comes to see her, then not long after she is dead. (BTW I bet the hospital cameras will also show more proof… That's right HOSPITALS HAVE CAMERAS), especially new state of the art hospitals.  Who on Earth delivers heroin to a hospital?!!!  Someone who only cares about the money!

Basically Victim should be alive right now!  Not dead at 29!  I understand she wanted the drugs.  She requested the drugs.  But in this day and age why aren't we prosecuting all of those who deliver the drugs?  Should they not be held responsible as well?

I understand my safety is put at risk by sharing this.  I understand I am going to piss off a lot of people.  At this point I don't really give a flying fig!  Heroin has invaded many lives and is taking over our towns and is extending its reach to those that have no real clue what they are getting into.  There recently is a young girl under twenty five locally who is sitting in a coma, on her death bed because her boyfriend gave her a bad hit of heroin and left her for dead.  When are we going to stop this?  The best way and easiest way is to go after the dealers. They are the ones we need to stop. Get rid of the dealers and you get rid of the junkies!  It's simple.  Make it clear that it is not tolerated here.  I'm sick of hearing about young people dying.  I'm absolutely sick of it!

I'd also like to leave an open letter to Drug Dealer.

You know who you are.  You know what you did.  How do you sleep at night? When you purchase things for your kids (new video games and toys) do they know that the money to buy those things is blood money?  People have died to pay for those.  You may not have ever had any intention of killing my friend.  You may not be convicted of it nor sitting in a jail cell.  But you know deep down the truth. You have to live with that for the rest of your life. I'm sure you are a loving parent. I'm sure you have family that cares about you.  I'm sure you care about them.  However did you even care about my friend?  She was just a paycheck to you, wasn't she? You thrived off her desperate addiction.  Every time she begged you knew your payday was here. Even when she was so bad off and in a hospital bed, you wanted that paycheck so bad you delivered drugs to her there.  You felt good about it because you were helping her with her pain?  You know damn well what you were doing.  All about the Benjamin’s baby.  Right?  Next time you tuck your son in I want you to remember that her son no longer has a mommy to tuck him in.  He will never see her face again or hear her voice.  Her father lost her Victim' mother to cancer just a few short years back.  Now as he is dying slowly from cancer himself, he has to live without his daughter.  Do you know that when I went to her house to clean up her room with her real friends that we found a letter from Victim to her dad.  Promising she was going to get better for him.  He broke down.  He no longer wanted to live.  His life was shattered!  His baby girl was dead!  You took that.  The law may not say so, but you and I both know the truth!  

I'm going to keep my memory of her alive in my heart forever.  So will her son and her family.  How you live your life from here on out is up to you.  You could do the right thing.  But I know you won't.  I don't know how you will retaliate against me.  My hope is that instead you choose to change your life.  Stop dealing.  Stop the drugs.  Start to worry about who you are and what your kids would think of you if they knew the truth.

This is not the whole story.  This is just a quick glimpse into Victim's death.  A book and screenplay is in the works.  I plan to tell her story to the world.  If the cops choose to do something, then that is wonderful.  If they don't, shit happens and this guy walks free.  Hopefully, no one else dies.

(UPDATE- Below I am adding two photos of her hip which is why she went to the hospital, these are the last images she sent to her sister before she died... Krokodil?)